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The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and thirteen of their innovative engineering students are taking part in this challenge under the lead of Professor Oscar Philander. Six of these students are studying towards an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics, four of these students are completing a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering, one student is studying a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and there are two students studying towards a Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. CPUT held their own internal Lion’s Den Pitching Competition. The winner of CPUT’s internal Lion’s Den Pitching Competition was Okuwosa Uchenna.

Professor Oscar Philander

CPUT University Lead

Oscar Philander is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). While studying towards a Doctoral Degree in Technology he obtained a scholarship from TELP and USAID to complete PhD course work at the University of Michigan in the United States. He obtained a further scholarship form the German DAAD Foundation and the South African National Research Foundation to undertake a research visit at the Technical University of Berlin’s Institute for Thermodynamics. In 2005 he successfully completed the Doctoral qualification and developed a Computational Design Software Programme used in Mechanical Design incorporating Smart Materials.

In 2007 he established the CPUT Adaptronics Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory with funding provided by one of the implementation units of the South African Department of Science and Technology, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy and the Provincial Government of the Western Cape’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism. In March 2013, the unit was officially incorporated into the Technology Innovation Agency’s Technology Station Programme. The CPUT Adaptronics AMTL has experienced exceptional growth over the past years and currently has five specific technology areas, i.e. Adaptronic Technologies that includes Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Machine and Deep Learning; UnManned Platform development for both Aerial and Maritime Applications, and an Academic Motorsport Technology Development Programme. The CPUT Adaptronics AMTL ensures that Innovation and Technology Transfer are facilitated through projects focusing on Research & Development, Research & Technology, and Human Resource Development. Over the past 15 years, Oscar has been the research project leader for a variety of projects funded by both South African and International Collaborators and Partners. He was the Chairman of the Rapid Product Development of South Africa, the Treasurer of the South African Association of Applied Mechanics, the Assistant National Contact Point for Aeronautics for the European Union Framework Programme 7, A panel member of the UnManned Aerial Systems working group for the South African Civil Aviation Authority, and served as an Evaluator for Manufacturing Panels for the South African National Research Foundation/THRIP Programme.

Oscar has supervised 19 Masters Student projects and a number of undergraduate projects. He has published and co-authored a number of journal articles and presented his research findings at both local and international conferences. He is currently a technical reviewer for the AAME 2022, the 5th International Conference on Aeronautical, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
Oscar holds a Class 4 Scientific and Commercial Diver Qualification and completed the Ground School component of the Remote Pilots License. He holds 3 patents and since 2017 has filed for over 25 patents.

Oscar is passionate about Technology, Innovation, Human Capital Development of Scare Skills in South Africa and ensuring that Developments impact the lives of all South Africans.

Adam Mbombole

Development of a software application for face mask detection

Degree: Advanced Diploma in Mechatronics

I am a student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Currently completing my advanced diploma in mechatronics. I have done my in-service at Adaptronics (AMTL) where I gained some Robotics skills and developed some drone technology skills. I am also part of the MediVentors and looking forward for great job opportunities.

Georgina Tlakale Mampuru

Development of a Control Algorithm for a BVM Ventilator

Degree: BET:Computer Engineering(3rd year)
Bio: I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering, very much intrigued by how swiftly technology is evolving, being part of the project taught me how to work in a team always keep track of good communication and learn from different inquisitive people.

Imami Joel Betofe

Development of a software application for face mask detection

Degree: Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics

I have completed a diploma in mechanical engineering in mechatronics, and currently doing an advanced diploma in the same field which will be completed in November 2021; I did 6months internship at AMTL adaptronics. I am skilled; ambitious; innovative; open-minded and teachable. Furthermore, I am excellent at working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence; and I have occupied some leadership positions.

Inyeni Amakuro Showers

Development of a mobile application for patient signal monitoring

Degree: Phd
Bio: BEng


Kashangabuye Jordan Masirkia

Development of integrated COVID monitoring/tracking system

Degree: Advanced Diploma

Throughout my curriculum, I have worked on projects that exposed me to various technologies such as Python, the Arduiono and the Raspberry ecosystems. I have also attended a web development bootcamp which gave me all the basic knowledge for a number of other programming languages such as Javascript and HTML5. I took part in the World Robot Olympiad, working with articulated robots. Finally, I developed an integrated power supply system for a tethered octocopter drone.

Jire Christian Kandolo

Development of a Control Algorithm for a BVM Ventilator

Degree: Diploma in Mechanical Mechatronics D3MECH

I am studying mechatronics engineering at cape peninsula university of technology

Shaun Michael Airdien

Development of a Venturi based Ventilator

Degree: BTech
Bio: I have obtained my BTech in Mechatronics and I am currently doing my MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I also work as a cloud support associate at AWS.

Mikhail Jesse Solomons

Development of an Algorithm for social distance adherence

Degree: Advanced Diploma Mechatronics

I am currently doing my Advanced Diploma in Mechatronics at Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT). I competed, and achieved podium finishes, in multiple robotics competitions such as World Robotic Olympiad, in the Advanced Robotics category and the World Skills in the Mobile Robotics category. I am a sportsman outside academics, mainly being football, where I have won multiple trophies individually, as a team and as a coach.

Uchenna Ogemdi Okwuosa

Development of a PEEP Valve for Ventilators

Degree: Doctoral student
Bio: Currently doing my doctoral studies in Mechanical Engineering and all other of my degrees (masters' and Undergraduate) are in Mechanical Engineering with major. I have worked as Design Engineer, piping and layout Engineer in oil and gas sector and between 2010 to 2015, I ran a personal company which provide training and design services to both cooperate bodies and individuals.


Selemagae Refilwe Mmakola

Real-time low-pass and high-pass filter for pressure signals and flow signals from sensors



Thulani Maziko

Real-time sensor measurement of air pressure and temperature for a CiPAP and BiPAP ventilator with Raspberry Pi.

Degree : Advanced Diploma Mechatronics

I am starting work at Knowledgemarker in the AI space as their Sales Engineering and Client Engagement specialist. I am also summing up my studies in Mechatronics Engineering.

Phelisa Ntayiya

GUI development with raspberry pi and automatic buzzer triggers

Degree: BET Computer Engineering, Junior Software Eng at Pulse AI networks

2021 Junior Software Engineer at Pulse AI
2020 BET Computer Engineering at CPUT
2019 Software Eng Intern at Quickloc8, USA girlcode scholarship recipient.
2018 Trainee Technician at CPUT
2018 Grad ND in Computer Systems at CPUT

Samkelo Shaun Mkwenkwe

Raspberry Pi based variable speed DC motor control system


Bio: I worked at Telkom as part of my training for National Diploma. I obtained National Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering from CPUT. In 2020, I worked at the Space company as a Software Engineer intern for 12 months. I'm currently unemployed. In April 2022, I will be graduating in Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering from CPUT.