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NTIP is the Intsimbi Future Production Technologies Initiative’s (Intsimbi FPTI) project management company. The NTIP acts as implementing agency and is responsible for the facilitation and management of all Intsimbi FPTI programmes. Core programmes, focussing on skills and enterprise development in the tooling industry, form the backbone of the Intsimbi FPTI. NTIP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Production Technologies Association of South Africa (PtSA), is also responsible for the engagement of competent project resources. 

NTIP are part of the industry participation and assisting in the systems engineering role for the UCvenT Non-Invasive Ventilator and have developed the two courses namely, Systems Engineering and Product Life Cycle Management and Tooling- Manufacturing & -Industrialisation.


The NTIP team are a multi-disciplinary team highly skilled in various sectors related to the MedTech space